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Troubleshooting Assistant

This tool provides quick access to:

  • iLab Single Sign-On (SSO): log in using your institution credentials.
  • Requests Dashboard: review/approve service requests from all labs you manage.
  • My Groups: Join multiple PI/Lab groups.
  • Cross-Institute Access: access external core facilities using your existing account.

Step 1.

Select your home institution from the drop-down list.

If your institution is not listed, click ‘Contact Support’, and one of our agents will assist you.

Step 2.

Institution Login:

  • Suppose you are unable to log in or can’t remember your username. In that case, you may be able to login using your institutional username and password.
  • After clicking this button and being redirected to your institution’s iLab login page, search for the ‘Login’ button at the upper-left of your screen, or ‘Login Using My Institution Name credentials.’

Access to External Core Facilities:

    Note: If you are from, or looking to access DFCI or Stanford Core facilities, these institutions have their own server instances and you cannot login using your internal credentials. Contact Support for additinal information.

  • If you found your Institution’s name listed on the previous step and;
  • You are trying to access a Core facility from an institution that also has ID integration with iLab;
  • You can use your existing account to access this external facility.

Approve Service Requests:

  • If you received an e-mail about a Service Request that needs your attention and;
  • The link provided in the email does not take you to the approval page;
  • Click this button, go to your Service Requests dashboard, review, and approve your Lab’s requests.

Change PI/Lab Membership:

  • Use this option if you need to change or add a new PI/Lab Group to your Memberships.
  • The button will take you to the “My Groups” page in your account. Once there, click on Request Access, search for your Institution’s name, and then for your new PI/Lab.
  • Note: Although not a rule, most Labs/Groups are named as follows: PI’s Last Name, PI’s First name (Institution’s Acronym) Lab.

Step 3.

Select the external institution:

  • Select the home institution (different from yours) of the external Core facility you need access to.
  • For example, select University of Michigan if you are from University of Maine, and you are looking to access a “UMich’ Core facility’.

Select the Core facility name:

  • From the second drop-down, select the facility name, log in using your own institution credetials and the page will redirect you to the external Core page.

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